[FS]scud race parts for sale

scud race cabinets parts:

first thing to go need to be the two panels. after these i can think to sell the others parts.

model 3 PSU: 30 euro
scud race rom board: 100 euro
scud race with model 3 motherboard: 130 euro
Model 3 Com Board: 40 euro
DSB Type 1 sound board: 80 euro
2 sega racing  panels: 400 euro both together
Model 3 Servo Motor Board : 80 euro
acc/brake : 50 euro
full wiring: 100 euro

[Image: pict0028zy.th.jpg]
[Image: pict0029gf.th.jpg]
[Image: pict0017sc.th.jpg]
[Image: pict0018sc.th.jpg]
[Image: pict0019ms.th.jpg]
[Image: pict0020pg.th.jpg]
[Image: pict0021wl.th.jpg]
[Image: pict0022bs.th.jpg]
[Image: pict0023w.th.jpg]
[Image: pict0024dz.th.jpg]
[Image: pict0025vl.th.jpg]
[Image: pict0026kc.th.jpg]

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