Additions / Changes

Hilighting ´Soft Reset´ in the ingame menu will now give you new options when moving the
1up joystick left and right. New options are;

- Main Memory Viewer
- Video RAM Viewer
- Menu Color Changer

The screen will now blank out if the ingame menu is left alone on its main menu page (after
about 1 minute). Simply move or press any 1Up control to restore the screen. This new
option helps prevent monitor burnin if you use the ingame menu to pause your games.
Removed the trackball cheat from ´The Irritating Maze´, instead trackball support is
always enabled unless the joystick cheat is used.


Fixed a minor ingame menu color issue with ´Real Bout Fatal Fury´.
Fixed music offset so ´GhostLop´ music can now be heard in the jukebox.
Fixed ´SVC Plus´ bootlegs from not allowing character select when in console mode.

Cheats / CRC Database

Added crc info for ´Metal Slug 6 hack´.
Added crc info for the AES version of ´Metal Slug 4´.
Added crc info for ´King of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus (hack)´.
Added crc info for ´Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Super Plus (hack)´.
Added cheats to give 1000 credits in ´Jockey GP´.
Added cheats to give 1000 credits in ´VLiner´.
Added cheats to ´Metal Slug 6 hack´.
Added cheats to play as Rugal in ´KOF 94´.
Added cheats to play as Amakusa in ´Samurai Shodown´.
Added cheats to unlock bosses in ´Art of Fighting´.
Added cheats to unlock bosses in ´Bang Bead´ plus more.
Added cheats to shrink characters in kof96.
Added cheats to force single color blocks to drop in ´Gururin´.
Fixed the ´KOF 97´ red energy cheat to the correct energy level.
Updated the ´KOF97´ unlock bosscharacters cheat to also allow Orochi.
Updated the ´Fatal Fury 2´ hidden character cheats, hopefully they wont´t cause a crash
now after winning a match. There will still be problems on the continue screen.
Added cheat to allow more than one projectile in ´KOF94´ and ´KOF96´ though it only
works well if used with the action speed up cheat.
Added Cheat / CRC support for the following Korean releases.
- Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior
- Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers
- Fighters Swords
- The Last Soldier


[Image: hanzo-mss-r.gif]

Interessant l'écran blanc lors des pauses pour préserver l'écran  :bien

Il pense à  tout ce Raz'  :lol:



Je vais attendre encore un peu avant de me prendre une MEGA NEO GEO alors.  :roll:

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