Additions / Changes / Fixes

The splash screen will no longer show twice or more (on multislots) after the backup

memory is reset.

The memory card format option will no longer wipe the region stored in the memory card

on AES hardware.

The arcade protect setting can now have either the testmode button pressed or HardDIP 1

on (force test mode) to get access back to the button Codes on the splash screen.

Made visual improvements to the main memory card manager menu.

Cleaned up screens and messages in the memory card manager, test mode and hardware test.

Changed the Cheat database storage slightly. It now takes less space in the Bios which

is good thing as space was beginning to become quite tight.

Fixed the AES hardware test code (A+B+D) so it also works after the splash screen is drawn.

Fixed the hardware error message from disapeering on AES hardware as soon as the hardware

test button code (A+B+D) was released.

Fixes (game related)

Fixed the AES version of 'King of Fighters 2003' from crashing after exiting the ingame

menu (bug introduced in 2.1).

Fixed 'Andro Dunos' to start attract mode correctly on AES hardware.

Fixed 'Andro Dunos' 1up not being able to continue on the last credit in a two player

game in console mode if started with 3 credits each.

Fixed Fight Fever to work correctly when freeplay is enabled (start was not responding).

Fixed garbage in 'Alpha Mission II' bonus rate SOFTDip setting on AES hardware.

Stopped SVC level select showing in a two player game when in arcade mode on AES hardware.

Cheats / CRC Database

Added cheat so that Irtating Maze is playable with 1up joystick (hold buttons B or C

for different speeds). This cheat has not yet been tested on real hardware.

Added cheat allowing boss characters to show in AES mode with 'Art of Fighting 3'.

Added cheat to enable blood in 'Samurai Shodown 5 Special'.

Added cheats to play as bosses in 'Voltage Fighter'.

Added cheats so 1up can play as bosses in 'Fatal Fury 2', (can cause crashes).

Added cheats and crc info for 'Lansquenet 2004' hack.

Added cheats and crc info for 'King of Gladiators' hack.

Added crc info for 'The King of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus II'.

Added crc info for 'King of Fighters 10th Unique'.

Fixed the 'Sengoku 3' boss unlock cheat to add bosses into the mini character select

(happens after continue) if the cheat was enabled after a game had started.

Fixed incorrectly labeled 2up autofire cheat in 'Metal Slug 2'.


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