Version complète : conseille batterie pre-cps1 pcb MITCHELL HARDWARE (block block, Poker Ladies)
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j'ai ce problème:

j'ai ces deux pcb (block block et pokers ladies) sur hardware mitchell. j'ai vu le fix disponibles sur the dead battery society mais la formation de ce deux pcb est divergée des normales pcb hardware mitchell comme pang et cetera...

ce deux pcb elles ne sont pas encore des mortes, mais je voulais savoir si quelqu'un de vous elle connaît la méthode/liaisons pour éliminer la batterie suicide.  :oops:

merci en avance,

no one know how fix these pcb/games?  :oops:
can you host a very large picture of the pcb ? to see the differences between these carts  Big Grin

here the pics by the dead battery society:

here the pics of my block block pcb:



i can't find a solution/alternative for these pcb...

I have the same problem.
I have this board (block block - world version), and mine is dead  Sad
I have try last week to repair them.
First, I have burn the new eproms, remove the R40 and connect the pin to the's not working like this.
But in dead battery society, they also talk about pull up some pin if we used 14H, 13H ....
In this case, we used 14F to 16F and I don't know what to do  :???:

Can you make some pics of all the board like your 2nd pic ? I'll try to contact Tim with them for see if he can help us  Wink
yes, i can post some hi-definition pics tomorrow  :bien

but only for block block world, because poker ladies isn't at my home (i have to buy it from an arcade operator and it's already dead).

thanks  Wink

here you can download all the pics in hi def!