Version complète : [Help!] Modifier de l'alimentation PC pour naomi 1 motherboard and gdrom
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Hi! i have a naomi 1 motherboard + gdrom and sega conv vers.1 and i need to install it to a standard JAMMA cabinet.

i have and extra power supply ATX for PC.

someone know how i can modify it for naomi 1+gdrom unit?

i have all the connector from a BLAST CITY/MEGALO 410 setup, but not the cabinet, so i can use these connectors.


and if i connect the power supply like in this pic?


[Image: naomi1segaconv7om.jpg]

i need to shut down the standard power supply in my cab?


Steve :|
i did run a naomi board using sega IO v1 + modded atx power supply. i did not have a gdrom unit.
what i did is connect the naomi mother board to the powersupply ( +5, + 12, +3.3 , gnd | please check pinout! Smile )
i kept the cab power supply, so it would power up the screen and the io converter.
the atx power supply was only for the naomi mobo itself.
so i suppose you can do the same and add a gdrom connector.
hope this helps

thank you, tomorrow i check and try to do this.

Moi j'utilise un sega v2 mais ça ne suffit pas. Comment je dois m'y prendre pour la modif de l'alim svp ?